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Working in secret!

2013-01-15 20:31:12 by JesterSeraph

Although not much shows up on my newgrounds page, I am actually doing things. I sketch, I falter, I start projects that remain unfinished, etc.

Something I can't just stop half way through though is an animation for a course, which I have chosen my own storyline for. And so, my troubles of animating start up once again. I thought I was free of it but apparently there's no escape from flash... SO! To just show I'm doing something, I posted one of the rough works of concept art for the animation. If I actually finish the animation in time by some unholy miracle... Then I may actually post it on newgrounds. I'm always happy to get feedback on anything I get so hey, a new chance to get some advice is always a good opportunity.

I have to get back to animating and programming, lest I wish to feel the whip of the educational system once again.

Jester Seraph

Working in secret!


2012-11-21 20:34:48 by JesterSeraph

Jester here, I guess I'll just keep things simple.

I'm starting a series of characters in my own personal world, but for now they'll only live in art. Nothing animated. I'd really appreciate any feedback you all can provide, and please be nice. I'm still getting used to this new program after all.