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Entry #2

Working in secret!

2013-01-15 20:31:12 by JesterSeraph

Although not much shows up on my newgrounds page, I am actually doing things. I sketch, I falter, I start projects that remain unfinished, etc.

Something I can't just stop half way through though is an animation for a course, which I have chosen my own storyline for. And so, my troubles of animating start up once again. I thought I was free of it but apparently there's no escape from flash... SO! To just show I'm doing something, I posted one of the rough works of concept art for the animation. If I actually finish the animation in time by some unholy miracle... Then I may actually post it on newgrounds. I'm always happy to get feedback on anything I get so hey, a new chance to get some advice is always a good opportunity.

I have to get back to animating and programming, lest I wish to feel the whip of the educational system once again.

Jester Seraph

Working in secret!


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