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Sky Quest Sky Quest

Rated 4 / 5 stars

It was generally a fun game, and I enjoyed the itemization and leveling, but it got pretty gross pretty fast...

I like a game with challenge, and I found this game tough up until... the second act? Before you get your first few items, it's tough, but after you beat 10 levels and use the crystals to just get a legendary/rare fire weapon or lightning weapon... you kind of just win. I used double fire up until I managed to just two crystal roll two lightning weapons. I didn't have a clue what I was doing, but suddenly I could just 1 hit everything. The shop consisted of over priced items at the state of my place in the game, while the crafting was based on my level and after just getting 100% on every stage on my first try and doing every stage because I don't like skipping past, I ended up waaaay ahead of what I should have been, and didn't have a challenge again until the boss of the thunder trial.

What's worse, I was really disappointed when I started up hard mode and found I still had all my items. I had the 3 slot ship from survival mode from my first play through and my double lightning weapons that were still 1-hitting everything. I think I killed death before he even fully made it onto the screen on both difficulties. I ended with double 999 heavy lightning and really never switched off of lightning the whole game. I didn't learn what the laser weapon was like until act 4 on hard mode when I just happened to get one better than my lightning weapon...

The game was only fun when it posed a challenge. I didn't really like being able to just sit doing nothing and still getting 100%. I literally moved myself to the middle of the far left edge and let my ship and lightning clear all the stages while I read on my phone and clicked about to move on past each stage. I wasn't even looking, but still getting 100%. There's an issue with the balancing when you can reach a state of near-invincibility that clears everything perfectly without looking, especially considering I didn't spend so much as a penny on this game's inApp.

Still, for the times that I wasn't in a broken state of strength, it was really fun and engaging. I liked that there was inApp but it wasn't even slightly needed. I never felt pressured to buy crystals, especially when I would just check the shop every so often and find I had another 14-38 crystals unused.

it still needs more balancing so that the game play is relevant at all stages of the game, but when you aren't 1-hitting everything it's really fun. Really looking forward to Just Beats & Shapes though :P It seems much more gameplay intensive and engaging at all times.

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Shark Lifting Shark Lifting

Rated 2 / 5 stars

So... Are we supposed to try and lift the shark for as long as possible before getting it over our heads? Cuz I just got 3rd place with horrid times like WhosCoffin said...

Phoenotopia Phoenotopia

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I haven't beaten this yet, but I'm determined to beat it and do every tiny side quest, exhaust every dialogue, and figure out all the secrets!

This game is honestly so perfect... I haven't had this much fun since the time I played an English patched version of Cave Story years ago! Honestly, the soundtrack, the weapons and tools, the mechanics... My god even the puzzles are outstanding. Some of the puzzles were just extraordinarily creative and even made me have to think hard on how to solve them. The path the game has me following can get vague but I never get stuck not sure what to do for too long, and holy god the bosses! Fighting regular enemies can get tough, and each opponent requires different techniques to beat and get past, but the bosses truly are a cut above the rest! Every time I finish a fight I think "Holy crap that was hard. No way am I gonna fight something tougher." Just to end up struggling even more on the following boss, and the boss after it, and so on. It's incredible really! I've seen so many games succeed at some points while faltering at others, but it's been a long time since I've found such a gem as this. It has so many little side quests, tricks, dialogues, is so well planned out, the graphics are beautiful and exceed at all that they are, the game play is challenging but not overbearing, and is a matter of skill more than just beating away at a larger and larger health bar. The amount of code in this is something I can only admire and hope to one day surpass myself, and really the only buggy issue I had was not being able to roll while I was holding down and left or right. It became a bit tedious when I had to duck under the 2nd boss while running about, just to end up not rolling because I still had my finger on another arrow key.

All in all though, once you finish cleaning out all these little bugs I would sell it if I were you. This game is worth money and I'm surprised it's here for free. I'm thankful that I can play it now but if it ever does become a game you can buy on steam, I'd purchase it just to support you.

This game is a cut above the rest, and one that I'll continue to tell others about and remember as one of the best games I've ever played. To hell with 70 dollar PS4 games and crap like that, nothing beats a solid, cute, retro throw-back like this. Bravo.

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Blake Strongflank Escapes Blake Strongflank Escapes

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

In all honesty, I found the game extremely boring. There's almost no threat, no problem with dying, no enemies or anything. It just had rooms with puzzles. Heck I'd call them tricks more than puzzles. It's not like any of them took much thought. I sort of just looked at my screen with glazed eyes figuring out what to do within the first half a second of the screen coming out of fade.

The only trouble I had in the game was stage 509, not because it was hard but because it used different rules. The left side of the floating wall with two red squares at either end was broken. You couldn't jump off of it. I tried several times. I used my double jump just so that I wasn't falling down too fast to check and found it really was just either missing code or coded purposefully to not work. Why? Why not allow the player to use a tick to get better distance over and finish the level properly? Then I found the ability to wall jump against the walls facing east twice without going back and forth. This wasn't possible in any of the stages I tested it in afterwards, and it was never mentioned when I started the stage. I'm almost certain I could have made it without that second wall jump upwards if I was just allowed to wall jump off of the left side of the floating piece. I could make it to it's side without using my double jump and slide down against it almost every time I respawned. Rules and restrictions were added to the stage without so much as a simple "hey look out this is happening". Worst part about it is it goes against the concrete rules given. I can accept not telling people red blocks kill you. I found it pretty obvious when they first appeared, but breaking the only rules you cared to explain to the player in the tutorial and changing them for one specific stage, just to make your stage work, and not tell the players? That's ridiculous. Make a different stage or tweak that stage if you find it isn't working with the current set of rules.

The game play was pretty bland. nothing special about it. The animation was a cube. Normally I can live with this but it was barely stylized. Nothing about the game really made it pop. Where was the draw? Average game play, boring levels, lame graphics, low difficulty (or rather difficulty based on timing harder and harder jumps. There's no puzzle to it, just boredom and repetitiveness), there was nothing to dying. If I died, so what? I didn't even have a simple counter to see how I was doing.

And all of these flaws could have been mostly made up for with a good story, but there was barely even anything there. 3 Sentences in the description, a very minor interaction with someone never mentioned again. I'm honestly not even sure who he was. No explanation for why this cop went fugitive, how he was caught (I imagine it would have been difficult considering he can escape the place with ease so long as the cage opens), or even why the cage opens in general. Why is he there? Why is he being let out? What is he being let out to? Where are all the guards in the prison? Where were any of the other prisoners, the people making his meals, staff of any sort, and why are they all missing? What's going on that's caused his cage, the cage in a prison that's known for being inescapable, to just casually break and fall apart at the front? If it was that easy, why didn't he escape 6 months ago?

Where's any explanation? There isn't even any sign to show maybe things going wrong in the outside world, things like maybe holes in the walls, cracks, breaks, rubble? Anything but these sharp edged bucket tool grey walls?

Why can't I mute the music or sound even!? I'm getting really tired of the BGM playing and there's no pause or mute anywhere.

TL;DR The game was boring, lacked style and originality, had puzzles which took seconds at most to solve, felt hollow, had very little point to it's story, and didn't even really feel like an achievement to beat. Why should I play this if it's below average or missing entirely every element a game needs to have to be fun?

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almostnot responds:

Hey, you know if you really hate it that much you really didn't need to play 48 levels and write a couple of hundred word review.

Thanks for playing!


Cosmic Clicks Cosmic Clicks

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I'm personally not a fan of these kinds of games, and the scaling made things all that much worse >_< Plus the text ran a little too fast for my liking. It was hard to keep up with them, which made me sad because that's one of my favourite parts about your games. I missed there being no fancy credits ending like in boss 101, and since there was no real plot or anything, I found it a bit harder to attach myself to the characters like I did before.

But still, an Airplane reference? Really? did anyone else catch that? I feel like I'm not old enough to get the reference myself... RIP Leslie Nielsen, forever in our hearts. Also how many other people said Max and Steve were like Finn & Jake? I remember I mentioned it back in my review of Boss 101, but I'm gonna guess there was a lot of similar feedback. By any chance were they a part of your inspiration?

Still, addicting for some reason. I managed to beat it after staying up all night, and I'm really not sure why I did. I guess I just really wanted to get those achievements ^^; If you go back and edit/add new content to this, please be sure to balance out the scaling costs and gold gain per item. I also noticed something weird: I had full upgrades on scanners and computers, but the output per scanner was only 160, while the hull output was 2560/unit and the computer output was 16000/unit...? Even now with full everything, it's still just that low number. Why the heck are my engines giving more speed/unit than my scanners!?

I look forward to seeing your future work, and I hope to be one of the first to donate to Boss 101's sequal ;)

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Boss 101 Boss 101

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Firstly, I found that despite the game difficulty fell off the curve near the end game (There was item #4 as level 99. That didn't take me long to shred) and the gameplay itself doesn't have much it can improve on without getting into ridiculous mechanics and such, it was a great game and the characters really carried it through. I found myself checking back after boss fights just to see if there was new dialog. They made me think of a sarcastic version of Finn & Jake, and as an Adventure Time that's a huge pull factor for me.

The reason though that I'm only giving 4.5 stars is because you're missing achievements. The end screen is great and all, and I read through the dialog multiple times, but I just wish there were some minor achievements along the way with some bigger end game one.

It's also really cool of you to read and respond to most comments. A lot of people won't read them, and the ones who do still rarely respond. It makes you seem like an all around cool guy~

I look forward to the sequel and what improvements you can muster up, along with the new dialog! Good luck in your future endeavors.

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DarkTimmy responds:

I appreciate that and yah - achievements are on the list for the sequel. I may have mentioned it before but I do really read and respond to everyone. I think it's a nice way to stay in touch with people and tell them I care. I'm not here to toss out some crappy game, make five bucks and disappear. I want to make more games and I love the feedback. I think Newgrounds has some of the best and most savvy users. No one here is a fool and people know what they like. Reading the comments I get a pretty good idea of some obvious things I can improve on. I'll do my best too. I want you to enjoy my games and have fun playing them! Thanks again and take care! Best, -Tim